I have worked with a few PhD students over the years. In addition to being extremely selective in working with PhD students so to ensure compatibility of work styles, I prefer to work closely with students so as to develop long-term peer relationships that will lead to sustained collaboration, much like my own collaborative relationship with Professor Fred Davis evolved from the time I was his PhD student.

Present Students

Past Students

Ruba Aljafari defended her thesis in 2017. She is on the faculty at Virginia Tech. Her research is on healthcare analytics.

Jaime Windeler defended her thesis in 2011. She is on the faculty at the University of Cincinnati. Her research is on technology-enabled teams.

Xiaojun Zhang defended his thesis in 2010. He is on the faculty at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His research is on knowledge management in organizations.

Tracy Sykes defended her thesis in 2009. She is on the faculty at the University of Arkansas. Her research is on social networks and IT implementations.

Hillol Bala defended his thesis in 2008. He is on the faculty at Indiana University at Bloomington. His research is on business processes and IT implementations.

Srini Venkatraman defended his thesis in 2007. His research is on IT impacts, with a particular focus on negative impacts.

Likoebe Maruping defended his thesis in 2006. He is on the faculty at Georgia State University. His research is on software development and teams.