I have provided consulting services related to technology implementations to various organizations in a variety of industries, ranging from the IT industry to hospitality to government organizations. Similarly, I have also provided consulting services to many companies targeting technologies, hardware and software, to consumers. I provide several different types of consulting services.

Focus Groups
I can conduct unbiased focus groups to help organizations understand users (employees or consumers) needs and/or challenges.
Validated Surveys
I can employ validated surveys from my own prior scientific research to gather data. Typically, this can also be followed by an analysis and interpretation of the data gathered.
I can participate more actively in the implementation process and help the organization to design interventions that foster success.

While it is always possible to build upon what I have learned in the past from consulting and research experiences and apply them directly, I encourage organizations to be open to the possibility of trying new ideas to foster success. If it weren’t for organizations that were willing to push the boundaries of knowledge, I would never have been able to contribute to our scientific and practical knowledge on technology acceptance in organizations and homes.

For Researchers and universities

I can conduct a variety of workshops to help researchers, faculty members and students alike, to help improve their research skills. Through a vast network of researchers, services are available to support various phases of your research, including professional copy-editing.