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New book (released August 2011):
ROAD TO SUCCESS: A Guide for Doctoral Students and Junior Faculty Members in the Behavioral and Social Sciences

IS research rankings web site update: March 2014

Launched in October 2009, the web site,, that allows searching for rankings by university and author based on any combination of the AIS Senior Scholars' basket of journals, i.e., EJIS, ISJ, ISR, JAIS, JIT, JMIS, JSIS and MISQ. Recent updates include new methods of ranking, addition of articles for 2013 (in all, 1990-2013) and improved printing. Please take ONE minute to fill out a survey that will provide information about how you (or your dept, school, univ) are using the site and help in securing ongoing resources for site maintenance. The survey is at:



Impact: January 2016 update

Google Scholar citation count: 46928


Web of Science citation count: 12515

In August 2009, Science Watch (a Thompson Reuters’ service) named the technology acceptance model one of the four Research Front Maps in business and economics, with Venkatesh et al. (2003, MISQ) being the most influential paper (a PDF file version is also available). An audio interview of Dr. Venkatesh is posted on Science Watch.

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A number of Dr. Venkatesh's papers are among the most cited papers published in various journals: Venkatesh and Davis (1996) is ranked 1st of all papers published in Decision Sciences; Venkatesh (2000) is the 2nd most cited paper published in Information Systems Research; Venkatesh et al. (2003) is the 2nd most cited paper published in MIS Quarterly; and Venkatesh and Davis (2000) is the 5th most cited paper published in Management Science.

Named to Marquis’ Who’s Who in the World, America, and/or Science and Technology since 2007.

ISI Essential Science Indicators recognized “A Theoretical…” published in Management Science as the paper with the highest percent increase in total citations for the period of Aug-Oct 2003. My interview is available online:

Key forthcoming and recent papers

Venkatesh, V., Windeler, J., Bartol, K.M., and Williamson, I.O. “Person-organization and Person-job Fit Perceptions of New Employees: Work Outcomes and Gender Differences,” MIS Quarterly, forthcoming.

Venkatesh, V., Thong, J.Y.L., Chan, F., and Hu, P.J. “Managing Citizens’ Uncertainty in E-government Services: The Mediating and Moderating Roles of Transparency and Trust,” Information Systems Research, forthcoming. [Abstract]

Windeler, J., Maruping, L.M., and Venkatesh, V. “Systems Development Risk Factors: The Role of Empowering Leadership in Lowering Developers’ Stress,” Information Systems Research, forthcoming.

Maruping, L.M., Venkatesh, V., Patel, P., and Thatcher, S. “Folding Under Pressure or Rising to the Occasion? Perceived Time Pressure and the Moderating Role of Team Temporal Leadership,” Academy of Management Journal, forthcoming. [Abstract]

Venkatesh, V., Bala, H., and Sambamurthy, V. “Organizational Implementation of an Information and Communication Technology in Developing Countries: A Multi-method Longitudinal Study in a Bank in India,” Information Systems Research, forthcoming. [Abstract]

Venkatesh, V., Aloysius, J.A., Hoehle, H., and Burton, S. “Leveraging Customers’ Mobile Devices and Auto-ID Technologies in an In-Store Design and Evaluation of Auto-ID Enabled Shopping Assistance Artifacts: Two Retail Store Laboratory Experiments,” MIS Quarterly, forthcoming. [Abstract]

Zhang, X. and Venkatesh, V. “Facilitating Job Outcomes: Understanding the Role of KMS Design and Peer Support,” MIS Quarterly, forthcoming. [Abstract]

Hoehle, H. and Venkatesh, V. “Development and Validation of a Mobile Usability Conceptualization and Instrument,” MIS Quarterly, forthcoming. [Abstract]

Hoehle, H., Zhang, X., and Venkatesh, V. “An Espoused Cultural Perspective to Understand Continued Intention to Use Mobile Applications: A Four-country Study of Mobile Social Media Application Usability,” European Journal of Information Systems, forthcoming. [ABSTRACT]

Bala, H. and Venkatesh, V. “Employee Adaptation to Enterprise Systems: A Holistic Nomological Network from Implementation to Job Outcomes,” Management Science, forthcoming. [Abstract]

Sykes, T.A. and Venkatesh, V. “Explaining Post-implementation Employee System Use and Friendship, Advice and Impeding Social Ties,” MIS Quarterly, forthcoming. [Abstract]

Venkatesh, V., Chan, F., Zhang, X., and Wati, Y., “Ranking Information Systems Journals: Lessons Learned from the Information Systems Research Rankings Website,” Communications of the Association for Information Systems, forthcoming. [ABSTRACT]

Xu, X., Thong, J.Y.L., and Venkatesh, V. “Effects of ICT Service Innovation and its Complementary Strategies on Customer Loyalty in the Mobile Data Services Marketplace,” Information Systems Research, forthcoming. [Abstract]

Venkatesh, V., Hoehle, H., and Aljafari, R. “A Usability Evaluation of the Obamacare Website,” Government Information Quarterly, 31, 2014, 669-680. [Abstract]

Brown, S.A., Venkatesh, V., and Goyal, S. “Expectation Confirmation in IS Research: A Test of Six Competing Models,” MIS Quarterly, (38:3), 2014, 729-756. [Abstract]

Venkatesh, V., Sykes, T.A., and Venkatraman, S. “Understanding E-government Portal Use in Rural India: Role of Demographic and Personality Characteristics,” Information Systems Journal, (24:3), 2014, 249-269. [Abstract]

Sykes, T.A., Venkatesh, V., and Johnson, J.L. “Enterprise System Implementation and Employee Job Performance: Understanding the Role of Advice Networks,” MIS Quarterly (38:1), 2014, 51-72. [Abstract]

Where have I been lately?

Fall 2013: A fairly light travel semester, with just short trips for conferences. At the end of the semester, I traveled to ICIS in Milan for a variety of activities and then on to India to continue work on the digital divide project.

Summer 2013: I traveled extensively again this summer, working on research projects and making presentations. In addition to the usual travels to Hong Kong and India, I visited Monash University in Malaysia and did a couple of presentations at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Spring 2013: I traveled to Hong Kong and India to work on various research projects. I also traveled to University of Utah.

Fall 2012: Besides presenting my work at Washington State University, I traveled extensively, including trips to India and Hong Kong. I also visited Orlando for ICIS and gave a keynote at the doctoral consortium. Escaped the winter in India and Florida.

Summer 2012 (April thro' August): Like the typical summer, I traveled extensively: Australia, Hong Kong, India and Taiwan. Universities visited include Australian National University, Deakin University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, National Chengchi University, and National Sun Yat-Sen University.



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