Viswanath Venkatesh

is an Eminent Scholar and Verizon Chair of Business Information Technology at the Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech. Dr. Venkatesh is widely regarded as one of the most influential scholars in business. He is also involved with a number of organizations, advising them on their strategic directions. He has traveled across the globe and presented to the academic and business community.


Deviant Affordances: When Tensions, Deadlocks and Noncompliance Generate Performance

[post-print version available under Research Papers] Haag, S., Eckhardt, A., and Venkatesh, V. “Deviant Affordances: When Tensions, Deadlocks and Noncompliance Generate Performance,” MIS Quarterly, 2023, forthcoming.

Visit to the Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi

Overdue thanks to Arpan Kar and Vigneswara Ilavarasan–and the folks at DMS, IIT Delhi–for being wonderful hosts! Had a good day learning more about DMS and the works of the faculty and PhD students. Had a great Q&A session with about 25 faculty and students in-person and a good number of others online.


Dr. Venkatesh gave a talk with the title The role of ICT in alleviating poverty at The Sir Monash University Malaysia.

In his talk, Dr. Venkatesh discussed his large-scale longitudinal (10+ years) research project being conducted in India among over 3,000 farming families across 10 villages. Lessons from this project will be valuable for countries in ASEAN which intend to nurture a more inclusive socioeconomic development model.

In this interview with ScienceWatch, Dr. Venkatesh mentioned his paper with the title User Acceptance of Information Technology: Toward a Unified View.