Understanding Usability in Mobile Commerce

Venkatesh, V., Ramesh, V., and Massey, A. “Understanding Usability in Mobile Commerce,” Communications of the ACM (46:12), 2003, 53-56. https://doi.org/10.1145/953460.953488

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This article discusses various issues related to the significance of usability and the user interface in mobile commerce (m-commerce). The article makes specific reference to a study conducted in this regard. The user interface represents an environment wherein online users conduct communication, information search, and transactions. It is highlighted that satisfying the sensory and functional needs of users via interfaces is a vital prerequisite for the success of electronic commerce and m-commerce sites. It is stated that as m-commerce includes a set of applications and services people can access from their Web-enabled mobile devices, an in-depth understanding of important aspects of usability is required in this regard.
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