Guidelines for Conducting Mixed-methods Research: An Extension and Illustration

Venkatesh, V., Brown, S.A., and Sullivan, Y.W. “Guidelines for Conducting Mixed-methods Research: An Extension and Illustration,” Journal of the AIS (17:7), 2016, 435-495.

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In this paper, we extend the guidelines of Venkatesh et al. (2013) for mixed-methods research by identifying and integrating variations in mixed-methods research. By considering 14 properties of mixed-methods research (e.g., purposes, research questions, epistemological assumptions), our guidelines demonstrate how researchers can flexibly identify the existing variations in mixed-methods research and proceed accordingly with a study design that suits their needs. To make the guidelines actionable for various situations and issues that researchers could encounter, we develop a decision tree to map the flow and relationship among the design strategies. We also illustrate one possible type of mixed-methods research in information systems in depth and discuss how to develop and validate metainferences as the outcomes of such a study.
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