Adoption and Use of AI Tools: A Research Agenda Grounded in UTAUT

Venkatesh, V. “Adoption and Use of AI Tools: A Research Agenda Grounded in UTAUT,” Annals of Operations Research, 2021.

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This paper is motivated by the widespread availability of AI tools, whose adoption and consequent benefits are still not well understood. As a first step, some critical issues that relate to AI tools in general, humans in the context of AI tools, and AI tools in the context of operations management are identified. A discussion of how these issues could hinder employee adoption and use of AI tools is presented. Building on this discussion, the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology is used as a theoretical basis to propose individual characteristics, technology characteristics, environmental characteristics and interventions as viable research directions that could not only contribute to the adoption literature, particularly as it relates to AI tools, but also, if pursued, such research could help organizations positively influence the adoption of AI tools.
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