Journal acceptance JAIS 2016

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JAIS paper title: Guidelines for Conducting Mixed Methods Research: An Extension and Illustration

Authors: Viswanath Venkatesh, Susan Brown, and Yulia Wati

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to provide an illustration of applying the mixed methods approach proposed by Venkatesh et al. (2013). In this study, we apply the mixed methods approach to the examination of factors influencing technology adoption in households and discuss the development and validation of meta-inferences (i.e., validation of mixed methods research). The objective of the illustrative study was to understand IT adoption and use in households using a mixed methods research approach. To achieve this objective, we re-analyzed the qualitative data from Venkatesh and Brown (2001) and the quantitative data from Brown and Venkatesh (2005) by applying the guidelines for mixed methods research as put forth by Venkatesh et al. Our illustrative study indicates that the use of a mixed methods research design provides a better understanding of phenomenon of interest than the use of a singular research design. The data from the qualitative study helped identify a set of factors and the importance of these factors. The data from the quantitative study helped validate the model of technology adoption in households (identified from the qualitative study). Together, by generating meta-inferences, including possible triangulation of findings across studies, these two studies offer a deep understanding of the factors that drive IT adoption and use in households.