Presentation on pursuing the United Nation’s millennium development goals in India

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Prof. Venkatesh presented his research on pursuing the United Nation’s millennium development goals in India and shared lessons learned from a project in villages in India.

Here is an abstract of the presentation:

The pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations is of economic and social significance to the poorest citizens of less developed countries. Information and communication technologies are seen to have the potential to help achieve these goals. Yet, the presence of a digital divide, which is the gulf between information and communication technology (ICT) haves and have-nots, exists across a variety of demographic, ethnic, and geographic dimensions. Overcoming the digital divide by successfully deploying ICTs in developing countries can have major socioeconomic implications for those countries. ICTs can be a cornerstone for the development of these countries by providing better quality of life through greater access to education, health care, and government. ICT success, typically defined in terms of adoption and use, is rare, with up to 85% failing to some degree in developing countries. The goal of this presentation is to discuss one such large-scale longitudinal (10+ years) research project being conducted in India among over 3,000 farming families across 10 villages. Various completed and working papers from this research project will be briefly discussed.